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I am a  certified This Naked Mind Coach. 

Based on the breakthrough methods of  Annie Grace's book This Naked Mind and her many programs, my coaching is filled with hope, connection and tools that will help you take the power away from alcohol and give it back to you.


In 2020, I made the decision to explore a life without alcohol.  I tried going at it  alone and when I woke up on New Year's day 2021 sick, anxious and with a very foggy memory of getting to bed the night before,  I searched the internet and found Annie Grace's This Naked Mind Free Alcohol Experiment.  It changed my life and now I live free of alcohol and free of cravings. 

Drinking alcohol just never crosses my mind!


Happily on my second marriage, I am the mom and step mom of three wonderful adult kids.


My youngest has special needs .  Having a special needs child is hard.  PERIOD. It was a challenge that I met with alcohol.  Now free, I would love to help you. 


Friends, family, art, music, walks, biking, yoga and community are the mainstays of my life.  And WOWSA, having found freedom from alcohol, EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH BETTER!

Whether you want to be totally alcohol free or you dream of the freedom of  moderation, let's discover together how you too can find this freedom.  

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